Welcome to the website of WCS in Slovenia.

Passion and love to dance brings people together. No stress, only fun with smile on your face.

”You can do it all night long.”

About me.
Hi, again 🙂 My name is Tanja Vojnović. Let me say, that I had passion for dance from the young age. In the year 2009 me and Anja Prešern start with idea for more swing events. Now Studio Dansa is one of the main organization for swing dances in Slovenia.

Before I start to dance WCS, I was exploring Ballroom dances and Hip-Hop. After 8 years of break I found out Swing. I started to take classes with one of the best teachers in Slovenia, Nejc Zupan. Only after 3 months of Lindy Hop I discovered WCS in London at GNSH festival in UK. I meet Olivier Massart & Henriette Koefoed and took their taster class of WCS. I said ‘wow’ I want to learn that dance. Because in Slovenia we didn’t have any teacher for WCS I forgot about it and continued to learn Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues. I also went to some international Lindy hop festivals in Europe. I had enough of waiting so I went to Paris to learn WCS. I meet Tessa Cunningham Monroe and Myles Monroe and I was totally impressed. Again. So, that how it started. After all this years I still upgrading WCS at international WCS festivals and workshops. I’m still learning WCS from the best (Benji Schwimmer, John Lindo, Tatiana Mollmann, Jordan Frisbee, Michael Kielbasa, Catriona Wiles, Arjay Centeno, Robert Cordoba, Melanie Stocker Bucher, Jenifer DeLuca, Virginie Grondin, Maxence Martin, Tori Zzaoui, Maxim Zzaoui, Adam & Rita Jori, Mario Robau, Matt Auclair, Sonya & Stephen White, Jang Widler, Paul Warden, Jessica Cox, … ).
I also teach WCS at Studio Dansa and organizing WCS Insomnia in Slovenia.


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Swingtzerland 2017 – semifinals Novice
Swingtzerland 2016 – finals Novice
Bavarian open 2015 – finals Novice
Budafest 2015 – 1st place in Newcomer